Erica Lee Page
Erica Lee Page, a Maryland native, is a self-taught mixed media and silkscreen artist. She is known to be very hands on and loves to explore different materials.  She is highly influenced by her creative surroundings and branding efforts. By tying these elements together, it results in collectible, eye catching, functional works of art.
Michael E Haskins Jr

Michael Haskins Jr designer and creator (b. 1991, Baltimore, MD). Haskins Jr untraditionally proceeds to build on mediums, which continues to set the standard for his immediate environment.

Haskins developed an imagination for various lifestyles earlier in life, inspired by ways of living outside of Baltimore,MD. Throughout the past decade, he has worked on retail projects, creative director for artists, as well as consulting for brands. Today his main focus is whatever is going on at CURRENCY STUDIO.